Top-up methods

You can use Simpel for calling and other services as long as you haven’t used up your entire prepaid amount. If your prepayment amount is used up, simply top up the card to make more calls.

You can top up your Simpel calling card in several ways:

  • Top up right here on the Simpel website

  • Use your online bank

  • Top up by making a call from your Simpel number

  • Top up from Telia number

  • Top up from Telia number

  • Top up at Telia stores

  • Top up at an ATM

  • Top up at a bank office

  • Top up with a top-up card

  • Top up with a top-up check

  • Top up while being abroad

Select your preferred top-up method.

Simpel has two low-priced top-up packages – Simpel 9 and Simpel 4. All include options for free communication.