Simpel starter kit

Simpeli stardikasIn order to start to use Simpel services, you need to get a Simpel starter kit. The kit is available for €2.95 at Telia stores, as well as almost all kiosks, gas stations and supermarkets. To protect your mobile phone from cold and other bad things, we packed a classy woolen Simpel mobile bag along with the starter kit.

You can see the full list of Simpel starter kit dealers here.

Simpel calling card is a good choice for smartphone users, because in addition to €2.95 of voice time, the start up kit gives you 50 MB of 4G internet. Now you can start using internet on your smartphone right away and you'll also have plenty of voice minutes.


Insert the SIM card into your phone, turn it on and enter 0000 when you are prompted for the PIN code. Wait until "Telia" shows up on the screen and place a call to an active number. Simpel is activated with the first call or text message.

Your new mobile number

Your Simpel mobile number is printed on the package's backside and on the plastic cover of the SIM-card. Save the number in your phone, and, of course, let your friends know that you have a new number.

Starter kit includes calling time

Calling time is included in the starter kit. Thus, you can start calling right away. Once the initial calling time is used up, simply top up the card to make more calls.