Voice plans

The most economical way to use Simpel is to buy one of two available voice plans. Simpel 4 and Simpel 9 will give you a generous voice and messaging allowance and plenty of data for surfing.

Voice plan Simpel 4:

  • 3000 voice minutes to Telia numbers
  • 3000 SMSs or MMSs to Telia numbers
  • 1 GB of data

Plan fee €4

Voice plan Simpel 9:

  • Unlimited voice minutes to Telia numbers
  • 600 voice minutes to TELE2 and Elisa numbers, and to fixed networks with standard pricing
  • 600 SMSs to any number
  • 4 GB of data

Plan fee €9

Buying the voice plan

Buying the voice plan is simple – make a prepayment that covers the plan fee and once that is done, send a SMS "simpel 4" or "simpel 9" to 9123, or dial service number *599*4# for Simpel 4 and *599*9# for Simpel 9.

For example, if you want to buy Simpel 9, send a message "simpel 9" to 9123 or dial number *599*9# and press the call button.

Your voice plan remains active for one month if the card is topped up with enough credit to cover the plan fee. If you buy Simpel 4 või Simpel 9, the voice plan fee is deducted from your Simpel remaining credit.

Important: Lower rates become valid immediately for Simpel cards activated from 2013-11-08 onwards. Even if the leaflet in the Simpel start-up kit is older and says otherwise, you do not have to worry, the low rates apply anyway. If you activated your Simpel before November 8, 2013, send a SMS "hinnaplaan" to 9123 or place a call to *599#. Cheaper prices become valid after you have received the conformation message. Subscription is free! Once subscribed, review the voice plans, which will provide you with low communication rates for the whole month.