Technologies and help

Mobile communication providers have been constantly introducing new data transmission technologies – for example, GPRS, EDGE and 3G are probably the most familiar keywords to regular users.

Today, we have reached a point where consumers do not care as much about technology that mobile phones or internet sticks use to connect to the Internet, but rather they are more interested in possibilities that the technology offers – surfing the internet, reading and writing emails, social networks, watching videos, etc.

Thus, we will describe mobile data technologies and their maximum speeds only in short (the list is in chronological order starting from the most recent one).

  • What does 3,5G, EDGE, GPRS mean?

  • Mobile data transmission – speeds and descriptions

  • Configuration parameters used for establishing connection

  • Data volume

Simple can be used in the Telia coverage area. More information available on Telia's website.

Telia Internet usage conditions

1. GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 3,5G and 4G packaged data transmission (hereafter as Telia Internet or Service) does not allow any incoming IPv4, IPv6 or any other data transmission connection, except for reply packages to Telia Internet connection sessions start requests sent by the customer. Incoming connections are allowed only if Static IP service is used. If the customer uses IP Filter service, incoming connections are filtered based on customer's configuration.

2. With APN, the customer can use one public dynamic IP address per one data transmission connection. With APN, the customer can use one private dynamic IP address per one data transmission connection.
2.1 With Static IP service, the customer can use one public static IP address per one data transmission connection.

3. Telia Internet allows usage of only one mail server for outgoing emails (using SMTP protocol) -

4. Telia may perform technical check on emails and apply a warning to or not forward emails that can be qualified as spam or might contain viruses.

5. The customer must avoid activities and not permit third parties to perform operations that might result in following:
5.1. enabling access to resources not permitted to the user, including usage of network node resources, analysis of security systems, port status check and operating system check if permission for such actions has not been granted by network node administrator;
5.2. prohibited usage of data, material, software, intellectual property, trademark, trade secret etc. found on any network or terminal device (mobile phone, computer etc.);
5.3. unauthorized destruction, damage or change of data collected or created via Telia's or third party's technological resources;
5.4. accidental or malicious use or distribution of computer and/or mobile viruses, programs or other software that might disturb the functionality of the network or devices connected to the network;
5.5. sending or forwarding irrelevant and unwanted electronic messages (including mass mail) to anyone; or contributing in such actions (contribution includes enabling open relay and not having an activated and updated anti-virus system on mobile phone or other device used for the Service). Unwanted mass mail is among other things interpreted as sending simultaneous messages, messages with false sender information, threatening messages, advertisements, unauthorized announcements etc. to addressees who have not requested such information;
5.6. copy or forward of data or materials in a way which causes unusual and abrupt rise in server or network load, including usage of programs for sending ‚mail bombs', ‚chain letters', ‚pyramid schemas' or other forms of intrusive offers.
5.7. sending or contributing to sending of data, web sites or emails which have insulting, indelicate, defamatory, threatening, malicious, racially or ethnically or in other ways offensive content or are interpreted as invasion of privacy, incitement to physical of psychological violence, advocating illegal activities etc.

6. Telia implements Principles of Reasonable Usage to assure the best possible quality of Internet usage for regular users.

7. Telia has the right to limit Internet usage methods that do not fall under Principles of Reasonable Usage without prior notification to assure the quality of Internet traffic that complies with principles of reasonable usage.

8. The customer using the Service must take sufficient steps to protect the computer, mobile phone or other terminal device against technological assaults. For this, the customer must use firewall, anti-virus software and other contemporary methods of protection and keep those up to date as per manufacturer's suggestions. Suggestions for suitable software can be obtained from Telia representations or corresponding web sites.
8.1 IP Filter service controls traffic based on incoming IP addresses. IP Filter does not protect customer's computer and other devices from malicious attacks.

9. Telia reserves the right to terminate Telia Internet service unilaterally if conditions stated above are not followed and it results in damages to other Telia or Telia Internet or Internet users. 

10. As of March 1st 2011, Telia applies a cap on total invoice amount of € 30 (incl. VAT) for internet used in Estonia on invoice for data transmission services. The cap is applied for all customers (except calling card customers) who do not use pricing plans with a monthly fee and unlimited data volume. This cap is applied separately from limit on service „Data Transmission Abroad". The cap does not include monthly fees and service cost fees. 

11. Telia has a right to change the functionality or usage conditions of the Service or limit the use or terminate the Service unilaterally in order to avoid network damages or attacks; in such case, customers will be notified via Telia homepage or other mass media channels.