Internet devices

You can use EMT Internet with various types of devices. Make sure to select the right device based on your needs. In general, there are two types of devices – one for browsing internet pages and the other for establishing internet connection.

Many devices are multifunctional and can perform both tasks.

To connect your computer to internet, all you need is a modern 3G mobile phone or a small EMT 3.5G modem, which is connected to the computer.
Once the connection is established, surfing the web and reading email works the same way as with a regular broadband connection.

There are three ways to connect a computer to internet:

  • The connection is established via a 3.5G mobile phone, which is connected to a computer.
  • The connection is established via a 3.5G USB modem, which is connected to a USB port on a computer.
  • Some laptops have a built-in 3.5G modem for connecting to mobile internet.

If you need help with configuring your laptop or phone to work with EMT Internet, call 123, send an email to or visit a nearest EMT store

Devices for viewing websites

Computer (laptop or desktop) – for internet users there is no difference whether the internet connection has been established via EMT Internet or a broadband cable – the functionality is the same in both cases.

Regular mobile phone – this is mainly suitable for viewing EMT SurfPort and WAP pages. Because regular mobile phone display is relatively small, web pages are transformed to show only the most important information (textual information and main images).

Smartphone with a large display – suitable for surfing the web and reading emails - smartphones have internet browser which displays websites in almost the same way as a computer monitor.

Devices for establishing connection

Mobile phone – most of modern mobile phones can be used to connect computers to Internet via EMT’s mobile network. It is useful to check which data transfer speeds (EDGE or 3G) your mobile phone supports.
Mobile phones can be connected to a computers via cable or Bluetooth. Please note, that data transmission connection is powered by phone's battery and that the connection may consume much more power than calling.

3.5G modem (aka EMT Internet stick) – connects computers to Internet via EMT’s mobile network. 3.5G modem uses regular SIM card and it is connected to computer's USB socket. Internet stick is powered by computer's battery. 3.5G modem is compatible with Windows and MAC OS X operating systems.

Laptop's internal 3.5G modem. It is useful to purchase a laptop with internal 3.5G modem if you use mobile internet connection constantly. In most cases, internal modems have the same properties and convenience of usage as internet sticks have. In addition, internal modems have several advantages over external modems– internal modem cannot be left behind and it cannot be damaged physically.

3.5G Wi-Fi router – if you need to use internet connection in several computers, it is recommended to use a 3.5G Wi-Fi router with EMT’s SIM card. Wi-Fi router provides wireless access to internet for Wi-Fi enabled devices.