Internet abroad

You have to have roaming activated if you want to use data on Simpel calling card abroad. Activating roaming service is free, and there is no monthly fee. In Estonia, roaming service can be activated by dialing service code *148#. To activate roaming abroad, go to the Simpel self-service. Mobile internet can be used while traveling abroad as well. You do not have to change any configuration parameters - EMT Internet works the same way everywhere in the world. Data transmission speed and pricing of using internet connection abroad depends on the roaming operator.

The price of mobile internet in all European Union countries is € 0.0054/MB. This is a very good price, since 1 GB only costs € 5.40 and in the case of regular use will last you a whole week. When using mobile internet, you will pay exactly for those MBs you have used.

If your trip takes longer than a week or you are a very active internet user, we will also ensure that your expenses will be under control – while travelling, your internet use will be subject to both the monthly limit of internet in the European Union and the monthly limit of using the Internet abroad plan (the limit will be € 60 by default, but you can also change it if you wish).

How does the monthly limit work?

For the purpose of controlling your costs, we will limit your Internet use once 1 GB is up, or when you have used the mobile internet of the European Union for € 5.40. This means that we will block the internet use and ask you whether you want to continue using internet at the price of € 0.0052/MB. If you want to continue using internet, please send a text message saying JATKA EU to 9559 and we will open the option to use mobile internet again at the price of € 0.0052 /MB.

Next, we will limit the use of mobile internet in the European Union if the monthly limit that you have set is up. To ensure that you know the volumes of your Internet use, we will also let you know once you have used the next 1 GB.

The following countries are considered to be countries of the European Union:

in networks of operators in the following countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area (EEA): Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, the Netherlands, Croatia, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, France, Sweden, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Hungary. Regulated roaming charges also apply in networks of operators in the following countries: Gibraltar, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, French Guiana, Réunion, Saint Martin, San Marino, Vatican.

* Northern Cyprus is covered by the network of the Turkish operator Turkcell, thus, billing is calculated according to their rates. European Union roaming regulations do not apply in Turkey.

Rest of the world

Roaming services (calls, text messages, mobile internet) are priced according to the roaming price list. Please see indicative prices here.

Data limit abroad is a number-based service allowing customers to set a monthly limit on cost for packet-based data transmission used abroad. The service guarantees that you will not receive an invoice exceeding the preset limit.

The limits of the service are preset: €30, €60, €120, €240, €500, €1000. It is not possible to set a different limit, but it can be removed at any time.

The limit includes Internet, wap and MMS usage abroad (usage of following APNs:,,,,,

When the limit is reached, the service will send you a text message and/or email. Upon reaching the limit, using data abroad is blocked until the end of current calendar month unless you raise or remove the limit. Data connection becomes available when you reconnect to Telia's network, or if you are still abroad, when the new calendar month begins. You can extend and remove the limit by sending a SMS – detailed instructions are sent with the SMS informing about the limit being reached. It is not possible to establish a data connection if you set a limit that is smaller than the amount of service used during the current month.

As per EU regulation, Telia automatically applies the service for all other customers who have not ordered the service. The default limit is €60.

The service is free.

As a Simpel user you can now use the Weekly plan when going on a trip for several days. Weekly plan is designed for those who go on a trip for several days and want to use data at an affordable cost. Weekly plan's allowance can be used during 7 days from activation. Weekly plan can be used in all countries in the plan's zone.


Weekly plan for selected countries costs €29.94 / 400 MB

The Weekly plan is valid in the following countries (Zone 1):
Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Thailand.

From 1 December 2017, the Weekly Plan in Selected Countries does not apply to the United Arab Emirates.

To order Weekly plan for selected countries, send SMS with the words "NADAL MUU" to 9560.

Price of the weekly package in the US: €24.95 / 1 GB (1024 MB)

The weekly package is valid in the following countries (Zone 2): United States of America
In addition to the US, the weekly package is also available for use in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands through the US operator AT&T's network.

To order the United States of America weekly package, please send an SMS message with NADAL USA to 9560.

The price for the Weekly plan in Russia is 24.95 € / 1 GB (1,024 MB)

The Weekly plan applies in the following countries (Zone 3): Russia

If you wish to order the Weekly plan, send an SMS with the text NADAL RUS to the number 9560.

The price for the Weekly plan in Egypt is 60 € / 1 GB (1,024 MB)

The Weekly plan applies in the following countries (Zone 4): Egypt

If you wish to order the Weekly plan, send an SMS with the text NADAL EGY to the number 9560.

The price for the Weekly plan in Australia is 60 € / 1 GB (1,024 MB)

The Weekly plan applies in the following countries (Zone 4): Australia

If you wish to order the Weekly plan, send an SMS with the text NADAL AUS to the number 9560.

Service terms and conditions

The Weekly plan for roaming lets you use mobile internet in all countries that are covered by the Weekly plan you have ordered (respectively, Selected Countries as Zone 1, the United States as Zone 2, Russia as Zone 3, Egypt as Zone 4 and Australia as Zone 5). You can order one Weekly plan per zone at a time.

The Weekly plan in Selected Countries includes 400 GB of data, which can be used in all mobile carrier networks of a country (except satellite networks).

The Weekly plan can be used until the data limit (400 GB) has been reached, or during the prescribed period (7 days, i.e. 168 hours) after the activation of the plan. The plan will be activated by the first use of mobile internet abroad after the plan has been ordered.

The plan has to be activated within 168 after ordering it. If the plan is not activated during that time, you will lose the chance to use it after 168 hours have passed.

We will send you a notification message when 80% and 100% of your data capacity has been used up. Once the plan's limit has been exceeded, the regular price list for roaming services of the relevant country applies.

You can order a new Weekly plan for the same zone already when 80% of that plan's limit has been reached. If you have ordered a Weekly plan like that, the first use of mobile internet shall be activated after the data limit of the first plan has been reached.

The Weekly plan can only be ordered with devices that have the function of sending and receiving messages. It is not possible to order the Weekly plan for another number (SIM card).

Please note that:

  • Data is billed in 50 kB increments.
  • The Weekly plan's cost is not included in monthly limit of data roaming.
  • The Weekly plan is billed on a separate invoice row. The cost is fixed and does not depend on actual data usage.
  • The Weekly plan's fee does not depend on user's voice plan, it is a separate service.


Daily data limit is valid both for Super and Telia contracts customers. Daily data limit ensures that your mobile data usage in roaming is under control. Daily data limit sets a cap on your daily data usage. Once the daily data limit is reached, you can buy more data, or, if you do not want to buy more data, your connection will be blocked until the end of the calendar day. Read more.