Simpel offers low rates without having to top up

The new pricing plan offers low rates for all customers, and Simpel4 and Simpel9 voice plans enable even cheaper communication.

To enjoy the new cheaper pricing plan, you must first activate it. The new pricing plan is activated automatically for those who activated their Simpel card before November 8, 2013, others must activate the plan manually. Activation of the new pricing plan is free!

Voice and messaging

Per-minute rate for calls to mobile numbers and standard-rate landline numbers 0,05 €
Per-minute voice rate and sending a SMS with service "Family Speed Dialing" (incl. video calls)* 0,1138 €
Sending an SMS to an Estonian mobile number 0,05 €
Sending a MMS (1MMS=100KB) 0,3247 €
Balance/usage time inquiry via SurfPort 0 €
Balance/usage time inquiry via a call 0,0639 €
Balance/usage time inquiry via service code 0,0639 €
Hide caller id 0 €
Changing Simpel to a contractual service plan 3,83 €

* NB! It is not possible to subscribe to the service as of April 1, 2013.

  • Simpel standard prices are valid upon activating the Simpel starter kit and after the discount period ends.
  • Calls and messages to Family Speed Dialing numbers are subject to rates stated in Telia's price list.
  • Calls are billed in increments of 60 seconds.


Telia Internet 1MB without a monthly fee* 0,0025 €/kB
Internet (daily ceiling charge 1 €/200 MB*) 0,0025 €/kB
Telia Internet 250 MB for 30 days 1 €
Telia Internet 1 GB for 30 days 2 €
Telia Internet 3 GB for 30 days 3,99 €
Telia Internet 5 GB for 30 days 5 €
Telia Internet 10 GB for 30 days 8 €

* Daily limit of €1 applies for Telia Internet pricing option "Without a monthly fee". €1 a day provides unlimited data – surf as much as you like!
* Fair Usage Policy apples. If the 200 MB allowance is used up, the speed is reduced to 64 Kbps for download and 32 Kbps for upload. Unlimited speed is restored at the start of a new calendar day". Maximum upload and download speed applies to all internet plans. This enables you to use a download speed of up to 300Mbit/s and an upload speed of up to 50 Mbit/s with a 4G smart device, with a 3G smart device, you can use a download speed of up to 21.6Mbit/s and an upload speed of up to 5.7Mbit/s.

Take advantage of lower rates than standard rates!

If you buy one of the voice plan, you will get a large number of voice minutes, messages, and data for 30 days for a fixed fee.