Voice plan Simpel 4

The plan fee of €4/month includes:

  • 3,000 voice minutes to Telia mobile numbers
  • 3,000 SMSs and MMSs to Telia mobile numbers
  • 250 MB of data


The voice plan costs €4 and it is valid for 30 days from the day of purchase. To buy the Simpel 4 plan, send a SMS "Simpel 4" to 9123 or call service number *599*4#

NB! Simpel 4 is available for those customers who have activated to the new pricing plan and have at least €4 on their card.

Important: If you have activated your Simpel card after November 8, 2013, you can buy Simpel 4 without having to activate the new pricing plan (even if the leaflet in the Simpel start-up kit is older and says otherwise). If you activated your Simpel before November 8, 2013, you must first activate the new pricing plan by sending a SMS "hinnaplaan" to 9123 or placing a call to service code *599#. You will be able to buy Simpel 4 after you have received the conformation message. Activation of the new pricing plan is free!

The new voice plan provides low voice rates without having to top up the card. Click here to view the rates.