Telia coverage area

Telia covers 99.9% of Estonia and reaches 70 kilometers to the sea. You can make mobile calls and use mobile internet both via phone or computer everywhere in Telia coverage area.

Coverage area of Telia mobile calls

As of June 2013

Coverage area of EMT mobile calls

  Telia coverage area (GSM field strength is at least 51 dBµV/m)

  Telia coverage area (GSM field strength is between 34 and 51 dBµV/m)

  Outside Telia coverage area (GSM signal strength is less than 34 dBµV/m)

Telia internet coverage area

Telia's fast internet (3.5G) network covers the whole of Estonia and enables surfing the web with speeds comparable to broadband.

The coverage of Telia's 3.5G network becomes denser each week!

Telia was the first operator in Estonia to launch fourth generation (4G) internet connection network. 4G enables speeds up to 100 Mbit/s. As of the end of 2011, Telia 4G is available in all county centers.

Telia Internet can be accessed via both laptop and desktop computers. There's no difference for the user whether internet connection is made via Telia Internet or regular broadband – the image on the screen is exactly the same regardless of the type of connection.

As of June 2013

EMT 3,5G internet coverage area


  Telia internet with the speed of EDGE (field strength is at least 34 dBµV/m)

  Telia internet with the speed of 3,5G (field strength is between 43 and58 dBµV/m 5MHz)

  Telia internet with the speed of 3,5G (field strength is at least 58 dBµV/m 5MHz)

* Field strength level criteria and ranges stated in coverage area maps are regulated by official governmental ruling which can be viewed here.


Telia 4G coverage area

As of the end of 2011, Telia 4G is available in all county centers.

As of August 2013

EMT 4G coverage area


 Telia internet with the speed of 4G (field strength is over -92dBm)

News on coverage area developments can be viewed here.

1. Type of interface
Telia Eesti AS public mobile network uses radio interface as user interface.

2. Interface specification
Telia mobile network offers radio interfaces with three different access technologies. Main data of radio interfaces:

Radio interface GSM (2G) UMTS (3G) LTE (4G)
Specification ETSI GSM 3GPP UMTS 3GPP LTE Rel. 8
Voice telephony encoding HR, FR, EFR, AMR AMR -
Encryption A5/1 Kasumi f8 AES-128
Data transmission speed (upload/donwload, max) GPRS 56 kb/s
EDGE 118/236 kb/s
R99 384 kb/s
HSPA 5,7/21,6 Mb/s
50/100 Mb/s
Base station frequencies (MHz) 880,2-883,2 / 925,2-928,2 898,2-905,8 / 943,2-950,8 1759,4-1759,8 / 1854,4-1854,8 1770,0-1784,8 / 1865,0-1879,8 898,2-905,8 / 943,2-950,8 1950,1-1964,9/2140,1-2154,9 2550-2570/

3. Other requirements related to the interface
To access user interface, terminal device (ending point of mobile network) has to have inserted an activated SIM card issued by Telia or Telia's partner who has signed roaming or other type of agreement with Telia for accessing Telia network.
Only operational terminal device that meets ETSI GSM specifications can access the user interface. Such terminal device must enable IMEI validation and user identification (transmission of A-number or CLI). Terminal device with IMEI listed in Telia's banned equipment registry enables only calls to the emergency number 112.
Connection between a terminal device and the interface is guaranteed in a geographical point of the coverage area of Telia network. Coverage area is an area where strength of the radio signal is adequate to receive the signal with a terminal device that meets the specifications of communication standards.